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Our company was formed by merging “AngioScan”, which was developing new medical technologies, and “Phyton” specialized on the development and manufacturing of hardware and software tools for microprocessor systems (Integrated Development Environments, cross-assemblers, C compilers, software simulators, etc.)

Alexander Parfenov, MD, PhD. Dr. Parfenov worked for over 15 years at the Research Institute of Physico-Chemical Medicine (Moscow, Russia), where he held the positions of increasing responsibility from a staff scientist to the Head of the Laboratory of Non-invasive Diagnostics. A cardiologist by training and an accomplished inventor and entrepreneur, Dr. Parfenov spent most of his professional life developing and commercializing novel diagnostic methods and devices in the area of cardiovascular health. As a clinical researcher of rheologic and mechanical properties of blood vessels, he invented and commercialized a novel diagnostic device for the measurement of blood viscosity. Later, he co-invented and patented a non-invasive diagnostic skin cholesterol test which was developed into an FDA-approved point-of-care diagnostic test by a Canadian company. As a Fulbright Senior Scholar, he spent three years at University of Maryland. Dr. Parfenov is an author of over 100 scientific articles and five patents. He holds MD and PhD degrees from the Russian State Medical University..

Phyton Ltd. specializes in engineering and manufacturing of microprocessor systems, software and large scale manufacturing of electronic devices.

Our company’s mission is the development, manufacturing and commercialization of medical devices for the early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. Currently our company is offering the following devices for the assessment of vascular health:

  • “Angioscan-01” – dual-channel diagnostic system for medical professionals;
  • “Angioscan-01M” – single-channel diagnostic system for medical professionals;
  • “Angioscan-01P” – single-channel device for personal use.

Our partners:

  • Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, Department of Internal Medicine (Chairman – Dr. V. T. Ivashkin);
  • Russian State Medical University, Department of Clinical Pharmacology (Chairman – Dr. Yu. B. Belousov);
  • Center of Endocrinology at Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Diabetes Institute (Director – Dr. M.V. Shestakova);
  • Russian State Medical University, Department of Neurology (Chairman – Dr. A. I. Fedin);
  • Center of Hematology at Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Department of Cardiology (Chairman – Dr. V. M. Emelyanenko);
  • Research Institute of Gastroenterology (Dr. I. A. Komissarenko);
  • MEDSI Clinic, Department of Cardiology (Chief Scientist – Dr. G. A. Konovalov).

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