RadiaScan Dozimeters

“AngioScan” products for assessment of cardiovascular health

AngioScan products are divided into two groups:

Group of professional devices includes the following:

  • a dual channel AngioScan-01;
  • a single channel AngioScan-01M (professional edition).

AngioScan-01M is a simplified version of AngioScan-01. Unlike AngioScan-01M, AngioScan-01 takes an occlusive test for assessment of endothelial function. All other functions of the products are identical.

The devices operate under PC control with Windows OS. The professional models of the devices assess all parameters of cardiovascular health.

Group of portable devices for personal/home use:

  • AngioScan-01M (personal/home version) is a device for operating with PC;
  • AngioScan-01P is a portable device. The main operation mode is a stand-alone testing. The alternate operation mode is under PC control.

These devices are designed for non-specialists in the field of cardiovascular diagnosis. They can be successfully used at home, as well as in sport schools, fitness clubs, dietary supplement shops etc.

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